The main engineering materials consulting services can be classified as:

   Review of materials selection in design;

   Preparation of material specifications;

   Preparation of welding specifications, painting, heat treatment, and other special processes;

   Qualification-evaluation of products and fitness for service;

   Qualification of special processes procedures;

   Qualification of suppliers of raw materials and special procedures;

   Training technical people;

   Integrity Evaluation of equipment in operation or during stops;

   Identification of failure mechanism and nature.

   Field Analysis

TECMETAL is prepared to analyze materials non-destructively, with well-trained people and mobile devices that allow characterize metallic materials in the field with the aim of assisting analysis of integrity and life extension, as well as develop repair procedures.

The main field analysis include:

   Chemical composition, using a PMI equipment;
   Metallography, using replication techniques;
   Hardnes, using portable equipment.

Non destructive metallurgical analyses, in field, are a powerful tool that assists engineers to evaluate the integrity of equipment, support in materials identification and development of repair procedures with a little deviation. It helps engineers in the definition of remaining life of components and in many cases is used as an instrument in the decision of keeping an equipment in operation with no failure risk. It is important to remember that it is essential to have a qualified team that knows how to use this extraordinary characterization tool.

Carlos Henrique - Director of Materials

   Failure Analysis

The metallurgical failure analysis of an equipment, piping or structure allows the determination of the mechanism by which the part has failed - BRITTLE FRACTURE, DUCTILE FRACTURE, FATIGUE, CREEP, CORROSION or WEAR - indicating what kind of problem have occurred and if it is related to the material, to the fabrication, to the design, or to the operation.

The failure analysis uses materials characterization techniques as well damage characterization, including fractography.

The metallurgical failure analysis of metallic components is an investigation process similar to a medical diagnostic based on the person examination and testing results, where the disease is discovered and the illness is treated. When a part fails in service or during fabrication, it is possible to determine the main cause considering the facts and their sequence, the morphology of the damage and the material properties (chemistry and manufacturing characteristics).

In this way it is possible to identify the failure mechanisms and propose engineering actions to avoid future failures as well as identifying the best repair condition. When a failure is evaluated and the causes are well defined it is so important for a good decision on how to run the process as a goof health is maintained with regular doctor visiting.

Paulo Emygdio - Director President


Mechanical, metallographic and corrosion tests are conducted according to international standards and are intended to qualify or characterize materials.

ISO 17025 accreditation by INMETRO.

Metallographic Testing

  •   Macrography

  •   Micrography

  •   Quantitative Metallography

    •   % Phase

    •   Grain Size

Mechanical Testing

  •    Tensile

    •    Temperatures from -20°C to 800 º C

    •    Base metal or welded joints material products.

  •    Charpy V

    •    Any temperature

    •    Survey of transition curve

  •   Hardness

    •   Rockwell;

    •   Brinell;

    •   Vickers macro;

    •   Vickers-micrometer platinum and loads from 100g to 10kg

  •    Bending

  •    Flatness

Corrosion Testing

  •   Polarization curves

  •   Immersion

    •   ASTM G48 , ASTM A 262 Práticas A, C e E

   Welding Services

TECMETAL supports Z4E3 that is ARC SPECIALTIES representative in Brazil and maintains a showroom to demonstrate the welding machines. Additionally TECMETAL provides welding services for overlay or hardface of small parts – fittings pipe or tube up to 2 meters and 1 ton.

The design of one of a kind machinery requires the experience and knowledge that ARC Specialties and its staff can furnish. From the original specification to the delivery and setup of a custom system, ARC Specialties' staff will work to achieve an excellent product that will meet or exceed the customer's needs.

Dan Alford