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Our relationship
with the material
goes beyond what
the eye can see.

Laboratories certified in material
testing on ISO 17025 CRL 0675.

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High tech solutions in materials.







TECMETAL is a company that provides technical solutions in materials, whether to support the project in the selection and specification of materials, to solve manufacturing problems, analyze failures, preparing manufacturing procedures or welding and also to qualify suppliers and products. For this we have our own laboratories and conduct field trials.

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TECMETAL is a technical consulting company in engineering that seeks to provide its customers technological solutions in all matters relating to the materials.

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TECMETAL is located at Estrada dos Bandeirantes, 28,000 Vargem Grande, Rio de Janeiro.

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We are about 20 people working together to assure that our clients are satisfied concerning the technical information level supplied, based on critical analysis of material testing results.

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More than 20 years of TECMETAL experience in consultancy and materials analysis, as well as a good performance of TECMETAL team as teachers at educational institutions, provide the required competency for ministering short time courses for very specialized people, engineers and technicians, in matters related to in design, manufacturing and operation of equipment and structures.


Keeping the required confidentiality of information that is inherent of any TECMETAL work, cases presenting materials analysis, failures, materials selection and specification, welding procedures, among others, are provided to improve the knowledge of professionals in materials.

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“One of our first ideas when deciding to build TECMETAL was to understand the better way to collect water from raining in order to save treated water. That is why in our toilets the feed water comes from raining water collect system”.

Annelise Zeemann - Technical Director


“In the last 23 years TECMETAL received a large input in Brazilian design requirements concerning materials, and this experience is very important to support users and suppliers in understanding materials selection and specification”

Paulo Roberto - Director President

“Tecmetal, as a 100% Brazilian Company, has an important role in the development of technologies and people in Materials and Metallurgical Processes, helping the innovation in Oil and Gas Industries, and also collaborating for the local content increase in these important areas.”

Fátima Cunha

Maganer of Material Technology Engineering of the FMC Technologies of Brazil

“A Tecmetal é uma empresa com uma excelente infraestrutura e que possui um Centro de Informações para auxiliar os funcionários em seus serviços, e eu como bibliotecária admiro saber que trabalho em um lugar onde os clientes recebem informações técnicas, seguras e confiáveis fundamentadas em normas e materiais de referencia nacional e internacional na área.”

Priscilla Borges

Bibliotecária da Tecmetal